buybye transforms social media into an all in one m-comm marketplace


Saturday, April 30, 2016

buybye replaces ‘likes’ with ‘sales’, and transforms social media into an all in one m-comm marketplace. It is the ultimate personal shopping experience, where users can follow and shop from their favourite brands, celebrities or friends from around the globe. Newly launched app buybye brings sophistication and new meaning to the term ‘social shopping’, with users and brands able to ‘follow’ and chat with one another, receive instant notifications, make offers to buy and sell, and post directly to all social media platforms: facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter. Users can even upload images of items they desire and seek out other users offering to sell those items, via a ‘connect’ feature. Unlike other m-comm platforms, in addition to photos, users can upload video advertising. For the first time it seems, users can effectively buy directly from a commercial. While buybye is not the first to pioneer the m-comm shopping movement, what’s unique is the ease and simplicity of it all - each user is immediately the master of their own stand alone fully functioning m-comm store. Users can snap and post an image of a product or service they wish to sell in seconds and another user can buy directly from that post, in a one step, 4 digit pin check out process. It’s simple, secure and seamless, with funds going directly to the seller, minus a competitively low 5% merchant fee. Apart from this, there are no hidden fees, set up or maintenance costs. George wanted to provide a direct and uncomplicated way for sellers to connect people to their products via their social networks. He wanted to provide a system where buyers didn’t have to input bank details at each purchase, and where they were not redirected to different websites, some of which were untrustworthy. His vision was to create one platform for all that offered secure payments and made buying and selling as simple as taking and uploading an image and sharing it on social media. As George explains, “these are tough times for retail stores…they have the burden of high rents, staff fees and marketing costs, not to mention the costs of getting external help from programmers, graphic designers and social media specialists just to maintain their profile. Physical shops seen to be closing quicker then they are opening.” That’s why George created buybye – “ it’s simple to operate and without any overheads, you really have nothing to lose. We get paid when you do, which helps any size business succeed. “


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