Build Focus

Train yourself to beat distraction


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Focus and get more done. Build Focus trains you to concentrate, beat distraction, and reach your goals. Learn when and how you get distracted, gain focus, and addict yourself to getting things done. The internet is a huge and distracting place. Every day we're bombarded with information and enticing things to do and see. We're actively encouraged by the world to learn distracting habits: to compulsively check facebook, scroll endlessly through twitter and jump on every notification we get. The internet is stealing your time and focus. Build Focus is the cure. It puts battle-proven gamification techniques to use for good in your own head; inspired by addictively engaging games like World of Warcraft and Farmville, Build Focus gives you a powerful instant feedback loop that trains you towards success, concentration and focus, and out of distraction. Teach yourself better habits, kill distraction, and go back to getting something done.


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