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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

BubblesPlanner utilizes a proprietary patent-pending approach of task list visualization and management to provide a new, unique user experience. The app creates a special bubble for each task. Effort levels are translated into bubble sizes. The bigger the task, the more prominent the bubble. Bubbles have colors and are assigned by the user based on its labeling categorization. Contextual stickers are used to identify the task (bubble) with a specific location, circumstances, and a role it plays in achieving specific goals. From there, the user selects when they want to complete the task, using simple weekly scheduling buckets that resemble the agile scrum methodology. Project boards can be created for collaborate sharing of tasks, as well as documents, images and links. The Bubbles dashboard, which allows the user to view his "bubbles" in one of seven popular methodologies, is a vibrant visualization of the tasks needing to be done. Boards can be turned into Collections and shared with the world through social media. BubblesPlanner is fun, innovative and practical.


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