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Thursday, April 12, 2018 is a new website that makes designing brands, writing and sharing design briefs and collaborating on creative projects, EASIER, FASTER and QUICKER! Users can: Design your visual identity easily Test it among target groups Communicate your vision clearly Collaborate easily with stakeholders Get inspiration Use tried and tested design briefs is a brand new platform designed to help clients and designers work together better! It’s way for teams to work together to understand what requirements are and what visual direction should be, quickly and easily. comes with tried and tested brief templates for a number of typical projects. It’s easy to create organise and share these briefs among remote teams to ensure sign off from all key stakeholders before any costly work begins. With’s unique Brand Brief template non-creative clients can provide clear direction quickly and easily about their Brand. It is even possible to test these concepts with a target demographics and customers before costly work begins. This all SAVES TIME and MONEY!


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