Meet people through selfies


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Blume is a new social discovery app that is solving the biggest problem in the online dating industry; the uncertainty about who’s actually behind the profile you are matching. On Blume you connect via profiles, but match via freshly taken selfies. This makes you certain about people’s true identity, thus creating a safe and trusted environment where people can be themselves. You will never have to worry about who you are truly chatting with, or meeting up with in real life. You match with real people, as in real life. The customer is primarily younger people in the range 18-27 year olds, but we also see older people signing up. The customer is single and looking to meet interesting new people. He/she most likely also uses Snapchat, and will find Blume to be a lot of fun. Here's how it works: 1. Secretly 'Like' or ‘Skip' people. If the ‘Like’ is mutual - you connect but you don’t match fully. 2. Take a selfie and send it to your connection. Your selfie cannot be seen until your connection sends you one back. 3. Once you have both sent a selfie it’s time to reveal each other. You and your connection's selfie displays for 7 seconds before disappearing forever. 4. If you both click


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