Find, track and manage every bill and subscription.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

With more than 50% of our monthly costs coming out of our bank accounts automatically is it any wonder that more people are struggling to manage their finances than ever before? Contracts get lost in unorganised bank statements and it's too easy to forget what you're actually paying for. Bean can fix that. By presenting a clear view of all your contracts, uncluttered by daily spending, you can get organised... but it doesn't stop there! Bean gives you the tools to track payments over time, easily switch to cheaper bills and cancel any subscription - without any annoying customer service calls! Find. Track. Manage. Three simple steps to taking control of your finances and start saving, without having to sacrifice the things you enjoy in life. Bean users have seen savings up to £1,600 a year so stop throwing away money on unused subscriptions and membership, or overpaying on the things you need, and start saving, now.


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