Everything about your car is in one application.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

- What is Basgaza? Everything about your car is in one application. Basgaza is a mobile application that holds car data of car owners, provides solutions for their needs and creates a communication environment between car owners. • Nearest: The nearest petrol stations, car wash companies, car services, car parks, medical centers, shopping centers are shown on the map and you can get directions via mobile navigation. • Traffic & Weather: It shows the weather forecast for 5 days and the current traffic situation on the map. If the weather is rainy or snowy the next day based on selection, it will notify the mobile device. • Car Park: It records the location of the car you parked in the open area or indoor parking area. Keeps track of park time, allowing you to periodically notify your mobile device of the time period. • Sales: You can show the car as "for sale" to Basgaza users and get the chance to sell it with messaging or at the price you specify. • New Car It allows you to receive information by means of messaging with vehicle owners who have the brand and model of the vehicle you intend to buy in the future. Similar brands and models that are on sale list the Basgaza members' vehicles. • Notifications -When maintenance is due -When inspection time comes -When the insurance renewal time arrives -If the next day the weather will be rainy -If the next day the weather will be profitable based on selection, Basgaza will notify the mobile device. • Chat You can chat with similar car owners and with users who sell their car. For more information on basgaza -basgaza team

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