ASWY - The World's First Levitating Speakers

Friday, January 27, 2017

Albert Einstein once said that if you do what you always did, then you'll get what you always got. At ASWY, we don't want the same old thing. And we don't believe you do either. That's why we started on a journey to redesign some of the things people need and want. By thinking and doing things differently. We started by creating the world's first levitating speaker. Now, we’ve begun exploring the exciting domains of consumer lifestyle, fashion and even bikes. And that's just the beginning. Allen’s the engineer, and Ashley the artist. Allen’s tech experiments push ASWY’s ideas as far as they will go. While Ashley’s designs hook your desire. Together, they have more than 30 years’ combined tech, branding and design experience. They put their faith in the power of good design and technology and founded ASWY. At ASWY, we believe in the power of technology and design to improve people’s lives. Our goal in 2012 was to give our customers innovative, high-quality products with strong designs. Every day, we set out to stretch the Internet’s potential and make it a reality for people. We are continually trialing new products that push technology’s boundaries and design standards. We insist on using only the very best materials and the most cutting-edge technology to deliver on our promise. This is ASWY’s vision, making your life easier. We are ready to launch SPACO on INDIEGOGO, let us do it. SPACO, means “Space”, and it is the next generation of multi-room speakers created by ASWY. You can get voice control, a social communication app, and a revolutionary, multidimensional 720 degrees of sound thanks to 28 dynamic and elite electrostatic diaphragm drivers. We’re also aiming to achieve Dolby sound quality because we want to reward our backers with something truly phenomenal in home audio. Make it real. Support us on Indiegogo, October 2016.

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