Compliance, asset & workforce management, done simply.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Assignar is a workforce, asset and compliance management system, designed for any business operating in highly regulated environments. Our clients have mobile workforces and machines/assets working in mining, rail, construction, roads, aviation, medical and aged care. Assignar has a full mobility solution and centralised cloud based dashboard. Allocate shifts to employees via our iOS & Android app, collect time sheets from the field, manage all assets inspections and reminders, workforce competency management and reminders, custom form builder with analytics and many more features. Imagine these scenarios: You need to mobilise 30 workers to a construction site for high risk work, or; You need to deploy some of your medical staff to a hospital ED or aged care facility in metropolitan or remote location, or; You need to send two pilots and crew to an emergency flight, or; You need assurance that your suppliers are compliant on your infrastructure or assets. How do you get assurance that the crew youโ€™re mobilising have the right skillsets, competencies and accreditations to perform the tasks? How do you collect field based information in real time and unlock commercial benefits from being able to do so? With Assignar, you'll have a single, central source for operations management. You'll say goodbye to spreadsheets & access databases as well as whiteboards and email forever.


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