Empowering a harassment free workplace culture for all.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

AEQUE is an integrated turn-key sexual harassment reporting, investigation, and mediation management system for tech startups and small-to-medium businesses. Recruiting for Diversity is a Business Issue We help you create, support, and communicate that you are committed to a safe workplace for everyone. AEQUE is here to help you grow and sustain your commitment so you can attract and retain the best talent for your company. This business application allows for companies to register for our beta and for employees to submit and check the status of incident reports from the convenience of their mobile device. You are busy building your business and avoiding unnecessary expenses. That's why you outsource HR. Now it's time to add the missing link with sexual harassment reporting and investigation to make your company safe for everyone. Defending a Harassment Lawsuit is Expensive! You Could Face Over $550,000 in Total Costs Defending and Settling a Harassment Lawsuit! AEQUE Provides an Advanced SaaS System Combined with Expert Investigators and Mediators to Deploy a Reporting and Investigation Management System Designed to Protect Your Profits and Time. TURNKEY SOLUTION A complete solution with complaint reporting, tracking, investigation, and action recommendations for your company. No additional staff to employ or software to buy. IMPARTIAL INVESTIGATION As a 3rd party, our investigations and recommendations are impartial by design. This means your employees can trust the process to resolve their claim internally. PROTECT YOUR CULTURE We help you protect your company culture while ensuring that all of your employees feel safe and welcome. Our mediation system helps you retain top talent with dispute resolution. IT'S MORE COMMON Think sexual harassment won't impact your company? Think again. On average, six out of ten employers have faced sexual harassment lawsuits within the last five years SEVERE PROBLEMS IN TECH Sexual Harassment is severe in the tech industry with more than 60% of women and 20% of men reporting sexual harassment. Over 65% indicated they were harassed by a superior. REPORTING IS AN ISSUE On average, two out of five women do not report sexual harassment because they feel their internal report would not be taken seriously and that it might negatively impact their career. ATTRACT TALENT Recruiting is hard and retaining top talent is even harder. By implementing AEQUE, you communicate your commitment to a safe work environment.

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