social network startups

anchored - we make sharing spaces simple

anchored is the easiest way to list, find and book workspaces


a social network for travellers.


web highlights and in-text commenting


An app for anonymous community discussion of people, places, events, and topics.


Making celebrating much easier... A place for people to access and create unique events.

Bungee Girl

Girls-Only Travel app to connect solo travelers

To Eat List

Discover restaurants from those you trust most.

One Billion Drops

Solving World Poverty: What do you need and where do you need it?


Donate your followers to help farmers in Africa

Rapunzl - Invest Smarter

Crowdsource investment decisions from friends

Spotted Places

Recommendations from friends, locally and globally

The Publishers

PR is hard. We make it easy. Where startups connect with influential journalists & bloggers


Foxity, your Social Nightlife Network


Co-create with a crowd


Meet with a native speaker. Or be(come) one.


Why buy whole, when you can split?


Control your personal network. Eliminate social noise.

Proximity grid

Identify, Connect and Engage with what Matters to You.

The Stanker Restroom Finder Mobile App

No More Diry Restrooms

My Disability Matters Club

A social network bringing the Disability Community together

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