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The perfect tool to sell better to your customers and improve customer retension

Retargeting and marketing automation for ecommerce


Smart URL shortener for marketing geniuses


Smart URL shortener for marketing geniuses

Personalized email content Personalized live messages SMS triggers to deliver to your customers


Visual project management software for agile processes

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The Largest Sharing and Social Data Platform. We Provide Twitter and Facebook Buttons, Custom Audience Targeting, and more. AddThis

AddThis is the world's largest sharing platform. We use big data to help site owners and brands build digital audiences and use data to personalize experiences. We provide easy-to-use sharing buttons like the Facebook button, Pinterest button, Twitter button, and Google+ button. We also provide a trending link box, welcome message tool, and share plugin for your browser.

PR Newswire: press release distribution, targeting, monitoring and marketing

PR Newswire�s news distribution, targeting, monitoring and marketing solutions help you connect and engage with target audiences across the globe. : Furniture, Baby, Electronics, Toys

Expect more pay less with Target. Spend $50, get free shipping on over 500K items. Choose from a wide selection of furniture, baby, electronics, toys, shoes, c

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