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famfamfam is the personal website of Mark James

Division of the Humanities The University of Chicago

Since the founding of the University of Chicago in 1892, the departments of the Division of the Humanities at Chicago have set an international standard for humanistic inquiry. The Division's faculty consistently produces pioneering research in the study of language, literature, and culture. Their books and articles define how whole generations of readers and thinkers, in the academy and out, analyze human culture and moral life while our many journals disseminate Chicago ideals of hard-hitting, spirited intellectual inquiry to scholarly communities around the globe.

Library of Economics and Liberty

Economics for thought. Library of economics books and articles, encyclopedia, blog, podcasts, and educational resources. Topics include markets, microeconomics, macroeconomics, free trade, economic history, biographies, and political economy. EconLog, with Bryan Caplan and David Henderson, and EconTalk, with Russell Roberts. Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Bastiat, Hayek, Mises, and more. Advanced book search tools.

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