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A new way of air travel

Betternet Technologies Inc.

Online Security & Privacy for all devices and platforms


Take interactivity to the next level. Keep visitors on your site. Say hello to CometChat!


Fetchmee is the smarter, simpler way to shop online


Take a step back on daily situations or feelings

Resketch Design

Business growth consulting firm: UX Design - Conversion Optimization - Analytics


Startup Stock for Everyone


Monthly Subscription Box for Art and Art Supplies.


Never lose a website again.

Ecommerce Backend as a Service

Pixel Fetch

Product Hunt for Photographers


per-second billing for PayPal payments


Content Marketing Made Easy


One app for CRM, projects, and billing.

Martindale's "The Reference Desk" - Business, Math, Science, Engineering, Technology, Language, Medical, Veterinary, Livestock, Gardening, Photography, Music, Recipes, etc.

Sketchers Ad Pushes Girls to Spend ‘Daddy’s Money’ Fox Business Video

Kadina Group’s Gary B. Smith and Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Young Nance on the controversy over the recent Sketchers ad.

Trimble SketchUp

3D Communication software for Design and Engineering Professionals.

Internet Research, Anti-Phishing and PCI Security Services Netcraft

Netcraft provide monthly Internet research reports on the hosting industry and specialise in phishing detection and countermeasures

Pet Supplies - Pet Products - Pet Food

Pet Supplies - Pet Products - Pet Food Petco's commitment to Natural, Holistic, and Organic pet food is unparalleled in the pet industry. Petco offers a variety of online pet supplies and pet products to keep your pets safe and sound.

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