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Monday, January 5, 2015

Our SaaS solution helps companies to make the freelancer staffing process as simple and efficient as possible. With zupply you can build your company wide freelancer pool to select the right candidates whenever you have to staff a new project. Did you ever wonder, what freelancer contacts your coworkers have in their heads, spreadsheets or social media accounts? With zupply you get a transparent overview of these company wide resources. This enables you to hire just the best matching freelancers for your projects. Ask yourself: What happens to those hidden resources when the knowledge holder leaves your company? Right, he or she takes away all the valuable assets (contact details, how a freelancer performed, what a freelancer earned etc.) With zupply you can keep that crucial information in your company. What are the most common and irritating actions when you need to staff a new project? You need to look in your spreadsheet to find out who you know; send them emails or call them to get to know if they are available and interested; maybe create a pdf in order to share it on your site to eventually get to know new freelancers; get freelancer's CVs, call them... You know the hustle. zupply supports you in the whole process by giving you the overview over your freelancer pool, the freelancers' availability and much more. Our software helps you to contact your freelancers or even to reach out to new ones in next to no time. zupply is the rethought freelancer relationship management software for efficient and effortless project staffing you were always looking for.


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