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Thursday, September 22, 2016

WeFitter is a fitness & wellbeing platform that allows companies to encourage and reward active and healthy lifestyles. Turn your company into an engaging and active community reward both customers and employees for being active By rewarding personal achievements, the relationship between your community and company is strengthened. Employees: Working motivation is increased, leading to an increase in returns. A decrease in absences is also to be expected. Customers: The development of a more personal relationship between customers and the company leads to a significant increase in brand loyalty and product/service engagement. Solutions for: - Fitness Sport centers: loyalty rewards program - Corporate Wellness: We help you foster a great working environment, making sure your employees stays motivated, healthy & happy. - Travel & Hospitality: Build a wellness loyalty program creating an active customer base, generate more revenue, and promote both wellness and fitness. - Brand Communities: Motivate those who care about their health through your products, while increasing your sales. - Wellness Cities. Encourage and reward active and healthy lifestyles amongst citizens, local retailers and sports facilities in your town

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