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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Top curated resources for web designers/developers

WDStack is a curation of the best in Web development & design. WDStack resources are organized in collections, and stacked by popularity so it's easy to find the stuff you really want. WDStack facilitates community-driven curation where users vote on the posted resources. Instead of one author, curating what they deem to be useful, the broader community (you) builds and rates the resources to fairly determine what's "best".


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Axon M

Add a 2nd folding screen to your phone

Crypto Final Four

Sweet 16 March Madness brackets on Ethereum

Vue Design System

An open source tool for building Design Systems with Vue.js

Charge for Stripe

Accept payments directly on your phone, quickly and easily

macOS UI Library

A comprehensive macOS UI Library, brought to you by Sketch

UI Faces

Avatars for design mockups