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Friday, November 13, 2015

Wayfarer is a social network for sharing and discovering social intentions or short-term goals (branded as Ways, as opposed to statuses). Users can share their Ways easily with a short description of their intention, target date, and target location, with the option to invite friends directly. Other users can discover their friends’ Ways on the newsfeed and virtually commit or empower. Users committed to a Way will get to discuss the event privately in a chat room. A user’s profile will portray a timeline view of the user’s Ways that he/she has achieved or contributed to, allowing a positive self-reflection experience that other social network platforms do not provide. The mobile platform will be an integral part of users’ lives in achieving social intentions and growing their relationships with friends. The days of mass-texting ‘what are you up to tonight/this weekend?” are over; now social media users can easily discover their friends’ ideas/plans and connect in person seamlessly, with even friends they have not talked to in a while (which include 95% friends on Facebook).


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