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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Vidonado is a video social network designed to emphasizes the importance of ideas rather than content creation/consumption. Vidonado is a platform where innovative minds are rewarded the most. Let’s start from the interface, the very first interaction of every user with the app is the way it looks. Since videos are the only content created and consumed on Vidonado, The interface is designed to meet this need. Videos are preferably recorded in 16:9 to fit most of the new mobile phones in the market. In order to use up all free space when watching vertical and horizontal videos, the app can always be freely rotated. Ideas are the cornerstone of Vidonado and every video needs to be based on an idea which could be as simple as a normal selfie to a video challenge and a political petition. You can see it as a kind of video hashtag which is traceable to the user who has first invented it. So when users post a video based on your idea, there will always be a link back to the original idea below their post. As an example the selfie video idea, VidSpin by @Vidonado is one of the basic ideas we have created. Vidonado is a platform, therefore it needs to offer you all the needed tools to create the next big social network trend. These tools include a sample video, a recording instruction and if selected, a second sample and a second recording instruction. You’re may be wondering why there needs to be a second sample?! That’s because a video can have two sides in the same post. Normally one for the rear and one for the front facing camera. When you’re done creating ideas and videos, it’s time to interact with other users. Vidonado is purely a video social network therefore the users interactions are adjusted to meet this very goal. When videos were first introduced to the public in the 1890s, it was hugely celebrated by the people. By celebration I do not only mean that they like but that they cheered the video in the true sense of the word. So classically, when we like a video we clap for it. The more we clap the more we like the video. This is the same concept implemented in Vidonado. Here, you can double tap and hold on a video post to clap for it on a scale of 1 to 10. Finallay the average of all the claps will be shown for each video. What is a video social network without the trending posts? On the cinema, the most trending videos, video ideas and hashtags are listed.

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