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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hi and thank you to take the time to reading this ’story’, We are a small group of developers and friends that pretends change the way that companies hire people around the world. That’s Vidapy, the Professional Network for Video CV's. We made a research in different countries and companies from small ones to bigger ones, and the conclusion was that today companies spend much more time viewing a short Video CV that a traditional CV. So its our opportunity to present our curriculums to those companies in a special and awesome format, throw Video CV’s. After 1 year of developing and testing We are introducing Vidapy. A totally new way to get a job these days… Users can sign up in a minute and create a profile with a short bio and a Youtube video cv (or upload it from PC). They can upload up to 4 Video CV to the profile and select the most important of all. They can also activate a portfolio where to show recent jobs that they made… We have designed a special algorithm that promotes those users that changes their profile status to "searching a job” to match companies needs based on their video content, music, activity, biography and recent jobs(portfolio). For the companies we filtered all Video CV and categorized by country, category and tags. So a company that needs new employees can start a search without to have to surf all Youtube videos to find some good Video CVs. Also We have implemented the messages center where companies and employees can meet together and schedule an interview (soon we will open live interviews, something like Skype). By this way companies spend less time and money to hire people because a Video CV speaks much more about a future employee than a paper and a few words… Basically We want to reverse the hiring process: Companies must call and ask for an interview. I hope you like our project and all feedback are welcome from you. Thank you again and have a good day! Filip.


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