Powerful interval timer for any type of fitness

Saturday, May 23, 2015

TimeXFit application is and advanced interval timer for mobile devises that is specifically created for fitness. TimeXFit is not just a simple timer, it is a powerful that helps you build your own fitness training program from the ground up. Record your exercisers, group them into sets, and you can handle any workout regiment. But most importantly! with TimeXFit you don't have to memorize daunting, overwhelming exercise names and techniques; you can just record your own voice commands, photos, and even video! These reminders and hints will greatly simplify your workout and greatly increase its effectiveness. Turn your phone into a fitness guru with TimeXFit! No time to make it to the gym? Is a personal trainer just too expensive? Do you want to get real training from real fitness professionals and stay in the best shape possible? TimeXfit is the solution for you because we developed a ready to use Pro-Workouts section available in the app. We have partnered with some of the world's best professional personal trainers to create six unique, challenging workout routines just for you. Our trainers have selected over 90 different exercises that they determined were most effective with their clients. Each Pro-Training contains three levels of difficulty, so it is easy to select the right level, and as your fitness position improves it's easy to move to more advanced routines. Do you want to lose weight? Make that 6 pack pop? Getting ready for the beach this Summer? Want to sculpt your legs? Or just want to get a bit more toned? You will find exercise routines to fit all these needs in TimeXfit. JOIN THE DIGITAL AGE OF FITNESS - GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE - ENJOY THE BEST, HEALTHIEST YOU with TimeXfit!

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