Threadbase helps you find clothes that fit

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Problem: Shopping for clothes online is unpleasant because every brand has a different sizing system. These differences make consumers apprehensive about trying brands they are unfamiliar with. Solution: Threadbase makes it easy to find clothes that fit. We ask users to tell us about the fit of an item they already own. Once they've done this, every product on our website is sorted based on how well it fits the user. We are able to do this because our database has the exact measurements of every item listed. The more items a user submits, the better Threadbase understands their body and fit preferences. Threadbase is free. We generate revenue through affiliate fees. When a user finds an item on Threadbase, we provide a direct link to the retailer’s website, where the user can buy the product. Our retail partners are excited to be a part of our platform because we connect them to new customers.

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