The Bathroom Sink


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Life is busy. Errands, meetings, playdates and car pools keep us on the road and over scheduled. Beginning today, however, an online-based tool is making life a little easier with the launch of The Bathroom Sink. Designed using innovative technology and intuitive profile programing, the website prevents users from ever running out of their favorite toiletries. Thus, it eliminates the need to constantly run out for more products. “We created The Bathroom Sink to be intuitive and to anticipate your needs,” said Joe Doucett, founder and CEO of The Bathroom Sink. “The website uses innovative technology that sources information given by users to create a truly unique online shopping experience. It simplifies your life, giving you the products you need when you need them without unplanned, late night trips to the drug store.” The Bathroom Sink is a subscription-based service, where users customize a plan for delivery of their favorite toiletries. A user profile is created to identify patterns of usage and brand preferences. Using the data mined from the profile, the tool intuitively predicts when the product is reaching its end. Users are then sent an email reminder at which point items can be purchased immediately via Amazon. Because of the reminder, products no longer pile up as users make the determination whether or not to purchase based on their needs. In addition to the ability to keep toiletries stocked, The Bathroom Sink also offers users alerts of top daily use items and industry lists from popular beauty magazines and experts. Thereby, keeping users connected to their favorite products, while introducing them to what new and hot. “How many of us have wished for more time in a day? While we can’t help you with that, we can help users better manage time available,” said Jenna Rutschman, Product Marketing Officer of The Bathroom Sink. “The Bathroom Sink allows you to spend less time running around, and more time living your life.” “That mantra even permeates every detail of the interactions you make at The Bathroom Sink,” said Jordan Ball, User Experience Director of The Bathroom Sink. “From the speed and simplicity of your initial set-up to the ability to choose between creating a custom or pre-made product schedule – we want to help you spend less time shopping for toiletries, in the store and online.” To learn more or purchase your monthly subscription today please visit

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