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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I created TennisKeeper because I couldn't find any tennis app that would let me track my tennis activities such as the matches I played or the lessons I took. There are many running apps for runners (e.g. Runkeeper), workout apps for the fitness enthusiast (e.g. 7 Minute workout), and diet apps (e.g. MyFitnessPal) for those that want to maintain a healthy diet, but there isn't anything for tracking and monitoring tennis workouts and progress. TennisKeeper lets you track 5 kinds of tennis activities: singles matches, doubles matches, hitting practices, tennis lessons, and cross training. After logging the events, you can visualize your progress, for example, your head to head win/loss stats against any opponents, your weekly match stats organized by games/sets/matches, your calories burned based on the tennis activity (e.g. a singles match will burn more calories than a doubles match), and even your movement on the court by analyzing the number of steps you took. As you become better in tennis and start to compete in leagues or ladder games, you will hear people say that you should develop a game plan against your opponents. But today's approach is still using ad-hoc notes or paper ( TennisKeeper solves this by providing easy to use templates so that you can quickly enter your opponents game style, strength, weakness and even their line calls tendency. You can do it right after your match at the tennis court when your memory is still fresh. Next time you meet them on the court again, their tennis profile will be right at your fingertips. If you are playing on a tennis league, you can share the players profile you competed against with your team so that they know what to expect when they have to play the same people in the future. I hope TennisKeeper can do for tennis what Runkeeper did for running, its goal is to help tennis players stay motivated and maximize their enjoyment of the sport.

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