Tag A Cat

The Cat Picture Sharing App

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tag A Cat just launched 2 months ago! We are a new photo social network much like Instagram but we are totally for cats only. We are unique because we are the only (known) app dedicated to sharing photos of cats. Sure Instagram has cats on it but it also has that burger you ate last week and your artsy pile of cloths on you bed heavily filtered. We decided to take the best part of Instagram (the cats!) and make it into its own fun app just for cat lovers. We currently have 400 users and over 700 photos have been uploaded so far. We have even made sure to translate the app into 6 languages so everyone can join in on the fun. Cats have been uploaded from over 15 countries now! Also each week we pick one cat at random from the ones uploaded and post them as “Cat of the Week” to our followers on Facebook.

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