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Monday, October 24, 2016

Supportbench is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that focuses on delivering solutions that enable companies to deliver the best possible support to their customers. Supportbench is not only beautiful, but it is powerful. There are many solutions on the market but every product focuses on one of 2 scenarios. One set of solutions focus on the simplicity of small business but does not scale well in complex environments or bend easily to your business. The other set of tools are powerful enterprise level solutions but require expert knowledge, a high cost, and are very difficult to use. Supportbench brings the best of both worlds and melds the simple beauty of small business products with the power and complexity of enterprise solutions. Supportbench is tailored to mold itself into the most demanding of business environments with features offered no where else. To keep your promises to your customers; use our advanced (service level agreement) (SLA) management to create SLA’s for specific companies, contracts, contracts, priority, asset, or anything you can think of, Supportbench can handle and report on it with ease. Use the RESTful API to interact with the data or just grab it for your custom systems. Install one of the out of the box integrations which interact deeply with the product. Use the calendaring to handle event and agent away time and create powerful workflows on them. What’s amazing about Supportbench is that it can scale and grow with you with one pricing model with all the features. Businesses can run Supportbench with an affordable cost per agent and as your agent cost goes up, so does your license cost marginally so you don’t feel the pinch. It’s a true cloud model that gets everyone on the same playing field, just pay for what you use.

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