substanz Natural Vitalizer

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

substanz Natural Vitalizer is the refreshing, vegan drink for more vitality and performance - the first healthy energy drink for adults! We are facing many difficulties in the outside word: Professional challenges, a stressful everyday life marked by a variety of business and personal commitments and enhancing social pressure to cope with all these challenges in the best way possible. substanz is 100% Made in Germany and delivers an innovative, fermented fruit, nut and vegetable mix for a demonstrable increase in energy - ATP cellular energy - of up to 183% on average! In addition, a long-lasting energy mix for the day provides energy for hours - sustainably, without becoming increasingly exhausted. substanz combines in an unprecedented manner, the advantages of different functional beverages: coffee, energy drinks, anti-hangover drinks, smoothies and sports drinks or dietary supplement are combined in substanz in a clever recipe. For those who take their lives into their own hands, substanz Natural Vitalizer is the right choice.


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