Catalogue and organize all your stuff

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stuffinder is a free app that lets you catalogue and organize all your stuff. No, we don't mean digital files & notes, Evernote does that. We mean old-school analog items like your favourite books, magazines, CDs & vinyls, collectibles or souveniers. With Stuffinder, you can easily list your locations and add/move items between them. Tag your stuff to create custom collections spanning across different places and search the stuff you need at the moment. Wouldn't it be cool to check if somebody in your social network could lend you that book you're looking for or to check whom did you lend that DVD you need right now? Stuffinder lets you connect with your friends and pool items! Try using Stuffinder to track things you keep in your storeroom. Or use it to remember the place you put things while doing that autumn cleaning. You know you will forget it by spring.

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