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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Site Relic is a FREE toolbox where you can test your website for performance & security in seconds without user registration. There are 18 testing tools at the moment including the following. Screenshot Checker - Check how does your website look like from different region on desktop & mobile. You can choose to test from one of the nine location or all. Find out if web page content is rendered as expected globally, how much time it took to load, resolving IP with full page snapshot. Speed Test - Check how much time does it take to load from nine locations on desktop and mobile. Speed test focus on providing essential metrics like time to the first byte, number of requests, page size, fully load time, request waterfall, request count by content type. Security Header Test - Check if OWASP recommended HTTP secure header is implemented. Miscellaneous - test for HTTP/2, DNSSEC, SPF record, DNS lookup, Safe browsing, Server signature, etc. My goal is to help website owner, developer, webmaster and everyone to quickly check various site metrics to find out what needs to be improved for better performance, security. Site Relic is powered by Google Cloud Platform, hosted in 9 locations around the world. Go ahead and give a try! I would love to receive any feedback.


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