SimplyStow - Never let go of your treasured belongings


Sunday, September 24, 2017

SimplyStow is a peer-to-peer storage marketplace that allows people to rent storage space locally. It allows you to hold on to your most treasured belongings and the memories associated with them, without cluttering your home, paying the steep prices of conventional self-storage options, or exerting too much time and effort on the storage process itself. People with too much stuff can save up to 50% on storage costs by renting out spaces nearby through SimplyStow. By browsing and picking from a variety of spaces with their preferred location, size, and a selection of other features, people can find the perfect storage space tailored to their specific needs. Moreover, they do not need to worry about the effort that goes into the storage process, because they have the option of packing, pickup, and delivery on-demand. On the other end, people with extra space in their homes, whether it may be a garage, shed, empty lot or even an empty corner in a room, can easily earn up to $200 a month with minimal involvement in the storage process itself other than providing their space. All they have to do is post a listing to rent it out through an easy, 3-step process on SimplyStow. SimplyStow is making storage an easy, hassle-free process, where both sides can benefit - it's a win-win!


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