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Thursday, February 12, 2015

SimplyRETS is a Real Estate data service which provides up-to-date MLS RETS/IDX listings directly to websites and other clients. SimplyRETS is focused on simplicity and provides a Wordpress plugin as well as REST and interactive data API for app developers. SimplyRETS helps companies and individuals save time while providing modern and easy to use real estate data services. High quality tech is underserved in the real-estate industry. My brother and I set out to build SimplyRETS to pave the way for other developers to get access to property listings in a simple and accessible way. Most real estate agent and broker websites embed iframes to provide property search functionality. In general, the iframes are unsightly and don't work very well. These iframes do not have the agent or brokers best interest in mind; rather, they serve the state MLS provider. We want to change this and give the value back to the agent! We also wrote the entire service in Haskell, a purely functional programming language. We ultimately want to prove that our technology choices allow us to provide more value for the customer and dramatically cut cost for our business.


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