Powerful image compression / optimisation tool. WordPress plugin also available.


Monday, April 6, 2015

ShortPixel is an image compression tool that helps improve your website performance. ShortPixel uses powerful algorithms that enable your website to load faster, use less bandwidth and rank better in search. ShortPixel optimises images automatically using both lossy and lossless compression. Resulting, smaller, images are no different in quality from the original. The ShortPixel package includes: — Both lossy and lossless optimisation: you can choose between the two types of compression. Lossy for photographs. Lossless for technical drawings, clip art and comics. —One API Key for multiple sites: after registration, you receive an API key that you can further use on several websites or applications. —Up to 90% compression rate: with lossy compression images that were 3MB can crunch to 307Kb, with no before/after differences.. Supported formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, both static and animated GIFS. NEW UPDATE: we recently introduced optimisation for PDFs. —Backup and restore originals: if you ever want to return to the original version, images are automatically stored in a backup folder on your hosting servers. —Bulk image optimisation: Crunch your image gallery, and downsize your website. This feature may take up to several hours, depending on the number and size of existing images. The ShortPixel plugin installs directly into your WordPress Dashboard where you can easily manage the image reduction process. All images, old and new, will be automatically processed.


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