RunWay App

App for Fashion and Media Industry

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

RunWay is an app for fashion/media industry. It provide you platform to accomplish your dream. This app is basically for - Models Directors Agencies Photographer Stylish Models/Photographer/Stylish can create their profile and search for job/project. Directors/Agency can search for profile of Models/Photographers/Stylish. They can post jobs so, others can apply. It will put all of them on single place. If Models need photographers/Stylish they can search profile and contact them. If Photographers are looking for Models they can contact them. All the communication made by email/app. Models/Photographer/Stylish profile can be created in 2 min. Benefits Directors - Runway will provide a platform to directors so, they can discover hidden talent. There are multiple people those are waiting for an opportunity to showcase their talent. Directors can post jobs/project requirement. Agency - Agencies can post jobs for models/photographers/stylish. They can search profile and can contact them directly. Models - It basically help them to reach to directors/agency. They have to struggle very much to achieve their goal. They can apply for jobs and can contact stylish/photographer. Photographers - Photographers can contact models/stylish for their project. They can post jobs. Stylish - They can apply for jobs. They can be contacted directly by Runway App. They have to follow traditional way to get the jobs. With the help of app they don't need to depend on others.

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