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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Rise Art is the online marketplace for contemporary art, hand-picked by experts. We’re changing the way consumers find and own original works of art from professional artists with our online marketplace and unique try before you buy art rentals. Our art rentals let anyone live with art in their home or office before they buy while earning credits towards purchase in the process. And, with every order, we donate art kit to charity as part of our art for care charity initiative art for care. Rise art helps casual collectors discover and own incredible art. Expertly Curated: Our insiders scour the art world and handpick artists for the site. Less than 5% of the over 5000 artists that have approached Rise Art have been selected. Personalised to you: Discover new artwork tailored to your interests based on our art style quiz, recommendation engine and speak with a curator service. Risk Free: See it in the flesh before you buy with our art rentals Full service: Shipping, framing and insurance offerings takes the hassle out of buying

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