Eating out with friends or coworkers made simple.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Relish is a social dining app that seeks to make getting your friends or coworkers together for lunch, dinner or drinks dead simple. It's completely platform agnostic. Your friends don't need the app, have to care about the app, or even have an Android device to let you know if they're down. You simply create an invite, select from your phone contacts, email contacts, or twitter followers and Relish takes care of the rest in the background, super fast. Your friends respond the exact same way they were invited. You get all of the RSVPs right in the app. Here's what text and email invites would look like to your friends You can also send cash to your friends right in the app, for those lunch outings where your bill comes and someone is short on cash but has a card available. We've integrated with Venmo directly to allow you to split your bill and send some money to your friends right at the table.


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