Web app that helps you turn fans and followers into multi-time buyers.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Realdeal created Launcher, a web app to conduct sales campaigns in different social media channels. Launcher is dedicated mainly to e-commerce businesses. Thanks to a SaaS, the app admin’s panel allows for fast configuration and optimization of the campaign. Ready sales offer is distributed to social networks (members of communities) through channels such as Facebook Page, blogs or Twitter. From consumer’s point of view, redeeming the offer is as simple and convenient as playing YouTube video. It can be done directly from post/commentary on Facebook, on a blog, forum or Landing Page. In order to redeem the offer, users log in with their own, favorite social media account and share the offer for a better deal. That way brand includes fans into sales activities and rewards them for a recommendation. Business user of the app is marketer, who observe the effects of the campaign in real-time and analyze date on: - monetization of particular social channels - customers influence on potential clients - engagement on specific product After closed Beta stage and over 150 campaigns done, on December 1st we release an open beta in full SaaS model. Up until now, all campaigns were created by our team but with access to admin’s panel, our clients will have full control over Launcher. Visit us on or read our blog Feel free to e-mail us any time to know more on [email protected]

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