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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Printing is still a daily requirement in most offices. But why is office printing and managing office printers the same today as it was yesterday – complex and expensive? Given the potential of cloud technology, web-based apps and the efficiency of working online, shouldn’t we expect something better to happen that might disrupt this industry? Enter Printix, a Danish startup company eager to lead the change in making things better. Printix is accepting the challenge of taking a revised look at every aspect of office printing to make it cheaper and easier to install, manage and service office printers. They have started by looking at print infrastructure and manual tasks that are overdue for automation in the cloud. “Our basic philosophy is to provide invisible automation, simplify routine tasks and share our insight with customers. Our starting point, is putting print infrastructure in a box, automating it, moving it to the cloud and offering it for free. It is time to rethink print management”, says Jesper Christiansen, CEO and co-founder of Printix. Printix Zero is the first product from the Danish software company. It establishes a platform for their new cloud-based print management ambitions to make things easier. Self-driving print infrastructure is on the way. When you print, many processes, software and hardware work together so your documents can be printed. Today, many of these tasks are manual and require an IT specialist. Printix has developed an intelligent cloud solution to automate the installation of print drivers and creation of print queues, without special knowledge requirements. They call it Printix Zero for two reasons; because it is free and because you no longer need a print server. Printix premium product will include, Printix Freedom, adding mobile and secure printing to their cloud print management portfolio. Printix Freedom will provide the flexibility and convenience to print when and where you want from any smartphone, tablet or computer to any printer. Printix is a software company founded in 2014 and based in Denmark. The company develops software and solutions for a unique cloud-based print management platform. The founders are successful tech entrepreneurs in the global software business. They are currently a team of 12 passionate and innovative players with many years of experience in IT-development and print management.


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