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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Owiwi is a fun and engaging psychometric tool that accurately measures candidate soft skills. Think of a combination of advanced scientific methodology packed within an immersive game that millennials enjoy taking part in. We take away the stress in the hiring process for the candidate while minimising / eliminating the recruiter risk of hiring the wrong candidate. Currently we measure 4 skills, those of: Resilience Adaptability Flexibility Decision Making And the game is available in 4 Languages: English, Spanish, Turkish and Greek - and is accessible from any device and browser. Upon completing the assessment, both the candidate and the Recruiter/Manager receive instant reports stating their results and areas of improvement. We currently offer a free trial, that provides you with 14 assessments over a period of 10 days - to allow you to acquire milestones similar to what our customers have achieved through our tool, such as: · 50% reduction in the duration of interviews · 47% reduction in the number of interviews · 35% time savings when screening CV’s · 25% improved selection outcomes · 10% improved engagement on Social Media Potential applications and use-cases include: Recruitment/Shortlisting Training and Development Employee Evaluation Employee Engagement Organizational Planning So...Are YOU ready to play the game? Get them playing; Get them hired - With Owiwi

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