Nume shows all posts from social networks on the map


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nume shows all posts from social networks on the map. Look at social content around you or search any location in the world and get live feed– just like you are there. Pin location and get content from concerts, stadiums, parties, school, events,.. Meet Nume - the only app you will need if you want to see what is happening around you. Never again miss happenings around you favourite band, sports club, celebrity, neighbourhood or party place. Nume gives you access to all photos,videos,messages posted on social networks around your current location or you can search for any other location and see what is happening there - just like you are on the spot. You can also pin any area and start receiving content that users published on social networks from that location - share a pin with your friends and enjoy together. Through Nume you can see post details, comments, you can share posts, like them or add to favourites. Content can be filtered by type (videos, text, photos), you can choose to see only posts from your friends, but also you can change time filter and see what happened in the past. Currently Nume aggregates posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but new excitings networks will be added soon.


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