NiLi - Nightlife Concierge

NiLi is Your Personal Nightlife Concierge


Friday, July 24, 2015

NiLi answers the question,"What am I going to do for fun tonight?" NiLi syncs a curated list of The Best Venues and Events going on in your Local Nightlife Scene. See an event or venue you like? Click on it for all the necessary details you need to get in to that venue. NiLi is Unique in that it caters to a wide variety of Nightlife Venues and Events. NiLi covers everything from Pool Parties and Nightclubs, to Burlesque Shows and LGBT Events. NiLi also Provides Reservations and Tickets Directly Through the App to make getting in a Breeze. NiLi is available for iPhone & Android, and is in 8 Cities: LA, Las Vegas, SF, Seattle, Miami, NYC, Chicago, and New Orleans Planning on visiting a new city in the near future? Use NiLi to check out what events will be going on while at your destination so you can plan out your night ahead of time, without having to know someone or be familiar with that particular city's nightlife scene.


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