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Monday, April 6, 2015

Every culture has their own cuisine and we can communicate a lot about ourselves in how we assemble raw ingredients into delicious meals. But some of us like food more than others. So-called "foodies" are amateur gourmets who simply love food - eating it, talking about it, preparing it, and learning about it. And for foodies, the social web is an amazing playground NibbleCircle is a social networking mobile applicationfor food lovers. Share your culinary journey with the world as you master the art of cooking. Why should you download NibbleCircle? 1) Intuitive and user friendly design 2) Organized experience by using in-app tools like timers, converters, to-do lists and shopping carts 3) Semantic engine to search recipes using ingredients available in kitchen 4) Fortnightly contests providing chance to win prizes 5) Learn/Share/Teach while making new friends and enjoying the community support!


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