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Monday, July 15, 2019

Moodit is a new social media application developed by a psychiatrist. It is currently available on iOS (with other platforms coming soon). It is the first social media application dedicated to mental wellness as the core of its entire philosophy. One of the biggest problems that current social media presents to users is that it perpetuates a state of FOMO, of constantly thinking about the next post. It can result in a distinct lack of mindfulness and presence. This is where Moodit differs. Moodit is a mood sharing application, which requires a user to spend a moment considering the feeling that they are experiencing before posting anything. The videos, photos, GIFs, etc. that are posted are merely the context to the mood (the object of each post). Moodit has made the process of sharing mood super easy and intuitive. In exchange for this moment of presence a user will have access to a number of cool features: they will be told how many people feel similar to them and also be given “Moodhacks” from users around the world to improve or maintain their mood. It has a Safe Mode for breathing exercises and emergency contact pinging, with a host of features to be expanded in this area soon. In addition there is in app chat and new ways to interact with posts. Every user will also have a moodgraph showing their most recent moods. Plenty of other features and verticals are on the horizon. Come join the incredible Moodit community!


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