MisterDrinkster aims to revolutionise UK’s nightlife and the way you socialise


Thursday, January 8, 2015

MisterDrinkster was started by four guys from different countries that all gathered in the UK to build the next big nightlife and drinking service. The business now has 6 employees and thousand of users; and it was only launched 1 months ago. MisterDrinkster aims to revolutionise the way people socialize and go out in the evenings in the UK. Users are invited to pre-purchase a drink voucher or club entry token from MisterDrinkster’s website, either before leaving home or on their smartphone. In return they typically receive a discount of 50-80% off the standard bar prices. The user then redeems their chosen voucher at the selected bar. Not only does this give users the opportunity to try out new, hip bars. It also removes the painful headache of the financial hangover the next morning. While the website’s main functionality is to offer drink deals, the users can also use the website as a guide to find great bars and nightclubs in their area. We have all experienced that it sometimes is difficult to decide which bar to go to. MisterDrinkster’s aim is to make it easier for the users to decide which venue to visit. At the moment, MisterDrinkster is offering drink deals together with bars and nightclubs in London, Liverpool and Chester. However, the founders are keen to expand to other cities in the near future. Expect this to be big as the website has already a great amount of users since it was launched a few months ago. Don’t miss out on saving some money on your next drinks and go grab a drink deal to try out the service yourself. You can join the many other users on www.misterdrinkster.com


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