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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Khabin cuts through the noise. We aggregate content from 1000s of sources into a single, digestible feed, especially for you. Whether it’s Breaking news, Long Form or Editorial content – Khabin will analyze and dissect the content; identifying facts from expert sources and provide a focused overview, saving you time and ensuring you only have the correct information. With Khabin’s personalized recommendations, you have the solution to information overload. In a world of misinformation, propaganda, mistrust and opinion, it’s easy to get lost in sources and feel unsure of what to believe. By consolidating duplicate information & headlines, and focusing on collating simply the facts, Khabin ensures you only see what you want to read: Correct, up to date, substantiated information. Our ‘For You’ feature delivers the top stories from across all your favorite topics and sources, and more, into one place. Only trusted, accurate information We look at more than just the “known” news sources, who happen to take up the more space than other media outlets. Khabin efficiently explores and examines content and articles from 1,000s of sources, to compare and determine trusted and accurate information. Customizable You can create your own content feed based on your interests. Khabin will aggregate across a wide range of topics, including business news, tech news, travel, politics news, beauty, and more. The possibilities are endless. Intuitive Khabin will also learn from your reading habits and preferences, and provide content, especially curated for you. Whether you're interested in the latest NFL predictions or trying to start a new business from scratch, or both, and more - Khabin has you covered with 100s of incredible content sources and growing. So, what arrives in your Khabin app is only the content that you’re looking for, simplified, safe and suitable.

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