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Monday, May 4, 2015

Keeeb is reinventing business research. With a unique new user experience we empower enterprises to be more productive and achieve higher goals in a competitive mobile first and cloud first environment. After the launch in January 2013, Keeeb has been building a new solution, that combines the search, collection, organization and sharing of information and knowledge into one seamless workflow. Our robust platform has been tested by individual users, SMEs and large corporations. Our products and services integrate seamlessly into office management workflows by standardizing research, information management and implementation. We offer companies an effective and very open solution to include created knowledge and curated content into their workflows. Our services focus on helping clients to research, present, and analyze mission-critical information/knowledge faster and with a higher quality. Keeeb Unity is a subscription-based software that eliminates redundant business research, reduces costs, and increases productivity. Use Keeeb Unity to improve information discovery and knowledge transfer and complete projects faster. Keeeb Unity helps enterprises collect and organize information from web-based and internal sources, quickly and easily. Unity extracts only the relevant content and makes information instantly available to others as appropriate, based on the policies set by the user and the company. Keeeb Unity is the only business research tool that enables users to speed up and improve the research process by collecting relevant pieces of content with one click. It helps to identify internal experts, relevant content, and similar research. All this is securely available through a single interface. Keeeb Fusion lets you build engaging content- and interest-based platforms. With its unique content interaction capabilities your users will not only find & share new content, but also engage with your brand in a very new and personal way.


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