Online debt collection for freelancers, independent workers and small businesses

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Indepayment is a debt aggregator that connects freelancers, independent workers and small businesses with top commercial collection attorneys and debt collection agencies to get seriously delinquent invoices collected, with no cost to the use until collection. We're making the same debt collection infrastructure use by major creditors such as banks, hospitals, utilities and governments available to workers in th gig economy. Users who chose to do so can also assign an exclusive "IndeScore" to the debtor, which ranks the debtor's creditworthiness so that other freelancers, independent workers and small businesses can make informed decision about working with clients, and on what terms. Indepayment also allows users to charge off debt and sell it to debt buyers, thereby shifting the risk of non payment from Indepayment users to debt investors. We're changing the way freelancers, independent workers and small business get paid. Register a debt today and experience the power of Indepayment to get you paid.

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