INCINQ - The Blind Dating App

Talk first. Photos revealed second. Blind Dating.

Monday, February 1, 2021

INCINQ is a Blind Dating App with the mission of removing superficiality from dating apps. We do this by only revealing user's photos to each other after 5 minutes passes in their date so that the focus isn't immediately on physical appearance. Current dating apps are making users feel more depressed and burnt-out than ever before during a time when people are craving connection. Blind dating is a fun and depressurised way of meeting new people as you have the opportunity to be yourself before any assumptions can be made about you based on your physical appearance. Hearing who you're talking to is more humanising than endlessly swiping or constantly having to be on an app texting. INCINQ makes it easy for you to improve your dating skills whilst at home as your only asset initially in your conversation. Rating your date experience with someone keeps the app honest and respectful so we employ this feature to keep everyone happy and safe. Users can only receive a maximum of 5 matches every 5 hours to avoid choice paralysis so by limiting options we hope to improve outcomes. Dating should be fun and not destroy your self-esteem.

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