Hyper Personalization Toolkit for B2B Marketers

Friday, May 3, 2019

Create dynamic images that personalize to your email recipients and website visitors, on the fly. * Hyper Personalize your whole sales funnel, from cold email and web visitors, through to remarketing ads.
 * Automatically add prospect details, company name, logo etc, dynamically into your images.
 * Enrich your images just from the prospects email.
 * Create dynamic personalized retargeting Ads on Instagram and Facebook.
 * Works with all your favorite marketing platforms.
 Personalized emails deliver 6x higher engagement * Personalize images to each email recipient
 * Create B2B prospect lists by location and SIC code
 * Validate and Enrich email data, reduce bounces, grow open rates
 Personalized Website Calls to Action Convert 202% Better * Personalize images and CTAs to your web visitors
 * Link email campaigns to sales pages to personalize the full sales funnel
 * Discover companies visiting your website and personalize their experience on the fly
 Personalization can deliver 5-8x better Ad ROI * Remarket your prospects with personalized images * Display 1-2-1 hyper personalized Ads * Increase Facebook Ads CTR by 500%

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