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Friday, February 27, 2015

Friendly Lights is the new social interaction device designed to help you meet people, at the right time, in the right place and the right mood. Friendly Lights is a locator device that can be worn as a wristband, on a keychain or clipped onto your jacket, connecting users via a map of their local area, highlighting availability, location and intention to meet new people and make new friends in real time. We are developing a mobile app mobile app for Android, and IPhone and Windows Phone. Now switch the mood and state became even easier: with the phone and the device. The main thing - your friendly mood can be seen on the map! And it's completely anonymous! For those who want to associate their friendly mood with its profile of social networks, we have added additional functionality to work with. So wherever you go you can meet others in a similar mood using the map and activating your device, in real time. If you’re working as a freelancer, have your own small business and are seeking new customers, then set your friendly lights locator to indicate where you are, when you’re available and simply let your new customers find you. It’s simple, once you set up your profile, simply activate your mood according to your availability, ready for work? Then it’s green for go. Busy right now? Then it’s red for stop. If you’re soon to be available? Then activate yellow. Friendly lights brings socialising back to the real world in an honest and safe way, letting people know your mood, lets them know if you’re open or not. Showing your genuine location prevents time wasting and for those that are serious about making new connections whether for business or pleasure, Friendly Lights speeds up the process, making immediate connections a real possibility.

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