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Monday, May 18, 2015

FlyerAdd is the fastest and most revolutionary tool for distributing flyers for your event, offer or party to iPhone, Android and WIndows phone users. Users can be put in touch with the possibilities of spending their free time such as in the clubs where the concerts of their favorite bands/singers take place, in stores launching the latest promotions and presenting the latest discounts or at events of interest (training courses, product launchings, theater a.s.o.). FlyerAdd is a mobile application that allows you to distribute flyers in just a few seconds with  - no printing costs  - no transportation costs  - no storage costs  - no distribution costs FlyerAdd is divided into four categories:  - Last Added - latest events, promotions and parties added to be displayed in this application for a period of 24 hours;  - Bars & Clubs - here will be added/displayed your flyers that show/announce parties, mini concerts or events organized in your favorite clubs;  - Events - here will be added/displayed your flyers that show/announce any event that you organize such as concerts, training courses, various launchings, shows with different themes (theater, musical a.s.o.).  - Promotions - here will be added/ displayed your flyers that show/ announce upcoming promotions or discounts, launchings of the latest collections, producers’ promotions presented in their own stores a.s.o. You can find and download FlyerAdd application here: Apple Store Google Play Windows Store


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